Logic Model Assignment

| June 9, 2014

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A logic model is a planning tool to support a project, educational need, clinical service, etc. Prior to beginning your Community Health Education Project, you need to develop a Logic Model to support the community health education topic. Follow the instructions below to create the model.
Using the information from this lesson on healthy communities, identify a current public health education topic in your community and/or aggregate. Present one piece of objective (quantitative data) and one piece of subjective (qualitative data) to support your concern.
Based upon the sample logic model in this lesson, create a draft of a logic model that identifies the potential causes/antecedent conditions of the educational topic until you can no longer answer (or hypothesize) why. Next, shade in the boxes of causes in the logic model in which a public health professional could work in collaboration with the community to make a difference.
Lastly, take one of the shaded boxes and formulate your community health education project that might be taken to address the antecedent condition.
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Supply Chain
Using both the Summary for Policymakers and the Technical Summary, pick one table or figure from the Summary for Policymakers (e.g., SPM.4 on carbon cycles) and identify the corresponding “Thematic Focus Element” (e.g., TFE.7 on Carbon Cycle Perterbuation).


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