Culture and Business Practices in Asia

| May 13, 2014

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For this assignment kindly ascertain that ypou use at least 6 academic references.(Wekipedia and other online sources are not academic sources).
Option 2
You have been employed as a consultant for an up-and-coming Australia-based technology company, Saquatronics. The company’s directors have observed the rising and falling successes of technology-related companies in Asia and wish to understand the circumstances surrounding these differing fortunes. They have contracted you to produce a report in which you conduct an in-depth analysis of why some companies have fared better than others in Asia.
Your report will be an analysis of either a), b) or c) [choose one of the below]:
a) Samsung (South Korea; doing well) vs Sony (Japan; now fairing poorly);
b) A major Japanese car manufacturer vs Proton (Malaysia; doing poorly) vs Mahindra (India; improving) vs a South Korean car manufacturer (successful, except in the case of Daewoo) [or choose just two or three];
c) HTC (Taiwan; mixed fortunes) vs Samsung (South Korea) vs Huawei (China; improving) [or choose just two];
This analysis, which should describe why some companies are faring better than others, must include reference to a number of factors that Saquatronics is interested in. You must discuss these, and note the extent to which they are relevant in your opinion:
– The political context: In what ways have relevant government policies and attitudes hindered or supported the given companies?
– The cultural context: In what ways has the success of the company been affected by the business culture of the company and/or the culture in general of the country out of which the company operates?
– The global business context: What international factors have helped or hindered the growth of the business? This might be related to changing markets, overseas competition?
– What strategic decisions were made that were well-calculated or went poorly?
Further notes:
– there is no prescribed format to the submission. However, you must clearly respond to the above and structure your submission in a clear and compelling manner. Be sure that it is clear when you are stating facts and when you are passing opinion.
– it is necessary for you to draw on books and scholarly sources. While you may also refer to well-regarded newspaper and magazine publications (such as the BBC, Time, The Economist, The Guardian), you need also to include book and journal article references in order for your submission to be compelling. At least 6 of your resources should be books/journal articles.
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