Evaluate and Rebrand a city destination

| April 18, 2014

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My subject at the University is Destination Branding.
You are invited to select a city destination and to evaluate the branding strategy for this destination. You should present your evaluation in the form of a written report.
Additional Guidance
You should select a city (this may be a capital city) with a branding strategy in place and evaluate all of the elements of this branding strategy. You should support your evaluation with reference to appropriate theoretical concepts of branding.
You should also provide recommendations for improvement using academic literature and any evidence in relation to target market to support your recommendations.
You should use images where appropriate.
Ensure that you use academic references within your literature review and that you include any data collected in the appendices.
-Literature review (on destination branding with a particular focus on cities/capital cities)
-Methodology (of your evaluation strategy)
-Results (of your evaluation of the city’s branding strategy)
-References (Books and Journal articles! Without internet sources)
-Appendices (additional material)
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