Emotion Management Ability: Predicting Task Performance, Citizenship, and Deviance

| March 31, 2014

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Teacher instruction:
Discussions include (but are not limited to) considerations as the following:
(1) What are the main ideas reflected in the article?
(2) How does the article contribute to the topic under discussion?
(3) Does the article confirm and/or contradict other concepts or cases that have been discussed? and
(4) What are the key points for managers to bear in mind? In effect, what is the current state of thought concerning the topic area?
Guiding principles for your participation in online discussions should be:
a. Presenting appropriate content,
b. Using a professional writing tone and style (proper grammar, punctuation, spelling, etc),
c. Inputting satisfactory responses that demonstrate an analytical view,
d. Paying attention to the quality of your responses,
Your responses to fellow student posts should be constructed to create an online dialogue among group members. Your response to fellow students should inquire, challenge, question, and/or add additional substance to the initial post, building the knowledge pool.
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Discussion Board Question for criminal justice

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