1500 to 2000 word essay. Medical Term Essay

| December 14, 2015

Write a 1500 to 2000 word essay on a medical topic of your choice from chapters 7-13. You may write about multiple medical topics as long as the essay makes sense. For example, you could write about a pregnant woman who is also diabetic and asthmatic. Use at least 40-50 medical terminology words , abbreviations and/or acronyms in your essay.This is NOT a group project and plagairism is not acceptable. You may write your essay in any form you choose such as a case study or a story for example. If discussing an actual patient, use an alias… remember HIPPA guidelines.You may use a condition you or a family member has had. If you are at a loss as to a subject, I would recommend watching “House” and writing your paper about the show’s topic or issue. Proper grammar and spelling are a must and will constitute 50% of your grade. The other 50% of your grade will be the accuracy of your medical information and organization of your thoughts. Submit your work in a double spaced, 12 Font , Word document. In the subject line, put your name and the word essay.

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61-year-old male. The importance of non-technical skills in the management of the acutely deteriorating patient
2011 National Household Survey. Medical Term Essay


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