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As the new Administrator for Volunteer Programs, my first step would be to meet with directors and staff, and be intentional to get to know the individual needs of the programs. In my experience, there can be a huge discrepancy between theory and practice. I may be able to recruit volunteers for something great in theory, but it may not practically be a benefit to the programs in any way. As I create policies for the volunteer program, I would strive to incorporate policies that align with my organization. Connors (2011) stated, “policies must be related to the organization’s overall mission, goals, and objectives. This is a critical point. Many policies embody values and beliefs, positions and philosophy” (p. 66). Working for Olive Crest, I am in-tune with our mission, vision, and values and use this language in my day-to-day management of my teams. I would strive to do the same as the administrator with volunteers. I would incorporate similar language into the policies I was creating so that there is a clear foundation to explain the why behind the policies.

As I began creating different policies, I would be intentional to seek open and honest feedback from directors regarding their resistance or concerns. Being new in this position, I would attempt to validate their concerns for change and ask them for open-ended feedback regarding potential policies. I would ask if they have had any positive experiences in the past that they would like to see continue under my direction. I would ask if they have been aware of any past policies that they felt may be appropriate for volunteers that align with supporting their programs. NCVO Knowhow Nonprofit (2015) identified several compelling areas that are vital to be included in the policy for volunteers such as “recruitment, induction and training, expenses, supervision and support, health and safety, confidentiality and data protection, problem-solving, and complaints procedures” (para 8). I would not be confrontational in any way, but I would strive to bridge the gap and challenge their thought that volunteers do not need policy to provide them guidance regarding their actions. At my organization, confidentiality is key to working with families as well as maintaining the safety and well-being of children. I would provide several examples as well as possible barriers that may arise without clear policies outlined for volunteers. My experience working for a non-profit has opened my eyes that it is imperative to be relational toward everyone you interact with and you must always be solution-focused in conflict.


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