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| May 20, 2015


1. the structure requirements from the university (please write fellow this structure, please add some data analysis, tables or some appendix that make the whole work looks more professional, could show the process of the study)

2, some articles that the supervisor emailed that could help on the work, you could use them if it needs, but not compulsory. For the reference, my supervisor really recommend journeys. like the journeys about retailers, international business, M&S AND H&M

3 For the methodology, the supervisors agree to use the compare of two case study, M&S and H&M. She mentioned to use both the quantitative and qualitative method. And I mentioned to give interview from China for both the retailers to get the first hand data. It wouldn’t require the details of the interview, you could add some information to the interview if you want. For the secondary data, I mentioned to look at the database or the financial report of the company.




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