12 Angry Men

| August 18, 2015

View the film 12 angry men(1957). Discuss in a 250 word paper how the bias of some jurors interfered with their ability to view the case objectively and how other jurors used inductive and deductive reasoning to find flaws in the prosecutions’s case These notes below from teachers hand out Writing Analyt ic Essays 1.The point of a paper is to “state and defend some thesis”. The thesis may be critical(The slippery slope objection to assisted suicide fails because…), o r substantive (abortion is morally permissible in fallowing cases…). This is a spec ial kind of expository writing. One kind of expository writing (textbooks,newspapers) is designed to convey information, and another is designed to prove a point. Philosop hy papers of the first sort are generally not acceptable. 2.The thesis of the pape r should be carefully stated somewhere in the first paragraph of the essay. Your read er need to know what you are arguing for. 3.Some attempt should be made, either at the beginning or the end of the paper, to say why the thesis is interesting or impor tant. 4.It is often helpful to include a strategy paragraph before the actual argu mentation begins, explaining how you plan to defend your thesis. 5.By making refer ence to the strategy paragraph, or to an outline, you should be able to point to any paragraph in the essay and say just what it is supposed to contribute to the defense of the thesis 6.if you cannot defend your thesis adequately, perhaps a weaker vers ion of your thesis can be defended. Then you can say what would need to be done in ad dition to what you have done to defend the stronger version. 7.A large part of the point of philosophical writing is to bring precision and clarity to abstract, vague, and slippery issue.If you sense you discussion becoming overly general or vague, you ‘re on the wrong track. Start over. It is better to oil one small wheel than to utter incantations over the whole machine. —————-Grading Criteria——- 1. Relevance. If you write something down, the assumption is that you think it is releva nt. Papers containing material irrelevant to the thesis defended have poor prospects. 2. Coherence. This takes practice. A well defended false thesis is better than an i ll defended true thesis. 3.Accuracy. Be careful not to misrepresent or grossly misin terpret the text (if there is one) 4.Originality. Originality is not essential. More important is how you put the ideas to use. If you use material (ideas,strategies,wha tever) that is not your own,identify that source properly.

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Analyze and evaluate the film adaptation of East is East.
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