1100 words. Transportation & Health (Definitions/frameworks of Health and Wellness)

| November 26, 2015

Develop a working definition of health and wellness. Also consider the various health frameworks and how they can guide us in including health considerations within transportation.
Write a short essay that addresses the following:
What are the key concepts that you believe should be included/considered into a working definition of health and how does this agree or differ from others (from the readings)?
How does a broader and more inclusive definition of health and well-being help and/or hinder our move to integrate health into transportation practice?
How does your definition fit with the various theories of health: socio-economic model, the precautionary principle, sustainable production, a life course approach or others?
Make a (brief) case for why health and wellness are important to the transportation field.
Conclude your essay by giving some insight to where you think the most fruitful areas in transportation are for the integration of health concepts and how your definition and framework can contribute.

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