1100 words. Critical review of P. Weil, ‘Towards Relative Normativity in International Law’

| December 23, 2015

do a critical review of Journal Article “P. Weil, ‘Towards Relative Normativity in International Law’, 77 Am.
J. Int’l L. (1983) 413”. I would upload this article under title of “Main article to review”. There is another article I would upload written by John Tasioulas which is a critical work of the main article, i hope it will help you to find the critical aspects of the main article. You can use Tasioulas’s article as a source. You can find more resources at https://www.peacepalacelibrary.nl/.
Please use at least 3/4 journal articles and books as a reference. The conclusion needs to be short, precise and rigorous.
There is another DOC file, where you can find the given instructions from my law school. Please follow those instruction. One of instruction is very important which is marked in red.
I wish you the best.
p.s. there are three files
1.main article to review
2.instruction from law school
3.John Tasioulas’s article(supporting document)

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