11 pages. Research in Security and Strategic Studies

| December 14, 2015

Upcoming Project guidelines:
1. A complete fully structured paper
a. It should include clear structure
b. Statements and arguments
c. Methodology and research orientation (quantitative basically research)
d. Main description and analysis
e. First outcomes of each section from analysis
f. Clear Titles and Clear subtitle chapters
g. Clear English Grammar and Syntax. Small sentences
h. Properly cited(referenced sentences)
i. Clarity in your argument, make sure that the paper is easily readable
j. Your subject should be very specific not general (it should also be different from the ones you have made as research on
k. References should be in the Chicago style of references
l. A clear proposal chapter. With descent proposals that come forth after the analysis
m. Clear conclusion with the overview of the reasoning, statement and lessons learned.
n. Way forward this time? (open door policy)
2. Chicago style use as both references and citations.
3. Cite your work. Make sure the work is yours. I would like to see in turnitin, as most possible low numbers as possible. I want this to be original this is the main task of this work.

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6 pages. How influential have the philosophers we’ve studied this term actually been on present-day society?


Category: International Affairs/Relations

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