Media Report On Sexual Harassment in Australian Defence Academy

| February 9, 2014

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low-level sexual harassment continues to exist at the Australian Defence Force Academy. A newly-released review says there are also some isolated incidents of serious misconduct. But the report into the treatment of women at the academy found the culture had improved significantly since the 1998 Grey Review, which detailed a high level of unacceptable sexual behaviour at ADFA. The review, conducted by Sex Discrimination Commissioner Elizabeth Broderick, was released today. It follows the ADFA “Skype Scandal”, in which one male cadet filmed himself having consensual sex with a fellow female cadet without her knowledge, streaming the video live over the internet, via Skype software, to cadets in an adjacent room. The so-called Skype scandal led to six separate inquiries into behaviour at ADFA and the wider defence force. Ms Broderick called for cultural change within the organisation….ORDER NOW
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Media Report On Sexual Harassment in Australian Defence Academy Widespread


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