1000 to 1500 words-Position Essay

| November 19, 2015

In the Position essay, you will use a topic from the article you chose for your Response essay. Use the topic from your Response paper as an inspiration for your Position paper.
Your Essay will explore your position on an argumentative topic. For a topic to be argumentative it must have two sides which can be discussed. Be careful not to make this an expository paper which is when you describe your topic. You must pick a side and then argue for it.
For example, an essay which describes the positive and negative effects of using performance enhancing drugs in sports is an expository essay. An essay which argues that performance enhancing drugs should be legal because it would level the playing field is a position essay.
•Find an argumentative topic based on the ideas in the article
•Write a thesis statement which describes your position on your argumentative topic
•Write your essay and forcefully argue for your side of the argument
•You may use outside sources to support your opinion, but it is not required
•Cite your original source (the article) at the end of your essay

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