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| June 23, 2015

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Project Proposal
Students are expected to submit a 5-6 page Project Proposal that will contain the following: (a) A tentative title relating to the topic chosen for the Final Project (b) A clear articulation of the global problem or issue that will be focused on for the Final Project (c) A brief justification explaining the rationale for the Final Project choice made (d) A concise thesis statement describing the position or argument that will be made in the Final Project (e) A short description outlining the approach that will be taken in developing the Final Project (f) A list of 6 annotated references which will be used for developing and supporting arguments made in the Final Project. Each annotated reference should be single spaced and approximately 120-150 words (i.e. less than a half a page). It should indicate: (i) the main argument of the source/reference (ii) the method that the author(s) use to support the argument (iii) the strength/weaknesses of the methods used by the author(s) in support of the position espoused (iv) brief explanation of how and why the article will be used for the Final Project. The Project Proposal is designed to help students prepare for the writing of their Final Project, as this is the main writing project for the course. As such, detailed feedback will be provided with the purposes of improving writing structure, style, technique and building critical thinking skills with the objective to facilitate an overall appreciation of course content.


Final Project

With guidance from select case scenarios, students will base their final papers on discussions concerning global, local (or interconnected) problems. Papers will address the following: (a) What is the problem and how is this problem explained? (b) What is the level or scope of this problem? Is it global, local or a combination of both i.e. of ‘global intercultural interplay’? (c) Who is affected by this problem? How? (d) What is the role of capitalism in constructing and maintaining this problem? (e) What is the role of the state in creating the problem? (e) Can the state and or International Financial Institutions (IFI’s) be used to address the problem? (f) How can this problem be differentially understood using a critical lens? (g) What are the alternatives? (h) How can the problem be addressed? Papers should show a good understanding and application of at least 6 references (from annotated list provided in Project Proposal) AND at least 3 external sources as evidence of outside research.  Documentaries, newspapers and websites are also encouraged as supporting material but will not be counted as part of the research references. References and citations must follow proper MLA/APA  style. Papers will be 10-12 pages in length, in 12 point, times new roman font.



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