10 Double spaced pages. Environmental Impacts of the Process Industries

| November 27, 2015

Select three toxic substances (one organic, one non-organic and one metallic) that can be emitted by at least two different industrial sectors in North America (an industry sector means automobile manufacture, energy generation, dairy products, forestry etc.). One toxic emission must mainly impact water resources, one soils and one the atmosphere. The same sector of industry can be used for more than one type of emission.
You cannot use sulphur dioxide (SO2) or carbon dioxide (CO2). For each of the three substances you do select, describe and discuss (using diagrams where appropriate):
• the potential damaging/toxic effects of the emission (provide an indication of toxicity levels, as well as where relevant both acute and chronic effects);
• the industrial process(es) that creates the emission;
• methods used by the industries involved to reduce or eliminate the emission (i.e.,
prevent its production and/or discharge into the environment).
Avoid excessive use of lists as it should be a discussion. It must be fully referenced within the text including all pictures or diagrams used (no more than half the references should be web pages), using the style described in the Assignment Guidelines. It should start with the Title and then an Abstract (no more than 8 lines). These should be followed by an Introduction and then Sections that cover all the above requirements.
Finally, include a Conclusion section that provides an overall discussion of the key points arising from the entire report. The Conclusions should be no more than one page. Also make sure you include at the end of the report a list of all References used in the text.
For the guide on how to use references in the text and to compile a reference list, refer to the separate Assignment Guidelines loaded up on D2L.
On-line encyclopedias, such as Wikipedia, are not acceptable as a reference – you must quote the original source (e.g., journal article, book, technical report, company website etc.).
Any blatant copying of other work, such as cutting and pasting of text from web pages, will be penalized.

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