10-12 pages. The importance of wellness programs in driving employee behaviors

| November 25, 2015

Students earn points for this assignment by conducting a literature review search and selecting 10 or more current (less than 5 years old) journal articles that fit the course content. Students should write a comprehensive summary of the key findings from literature review and discuss the application of those findings to the business world; i.e., the employee’s current or former place of employment. The submission should utilize APA 6th edition guidelines for format and citations, be typed, double-spaced and contain 15-20 pages with the following sections:
o Table of Contents (1)
o Body of Paper (10-12 pages) containing appropriately labeled section headers:
? Introduction
? Theory Discussion (known theory in the field – for example, Market-rate Compensation, Affordable Care Act of 2010, Incentive Compensation Plans).
? Application of Theory to the Business World
? Conclusion
o Reference Section (1)
o Appendix containing appropriate charts, graphs or tables that support research findings (1-3 pages)
The submission should provide a summary of major theories related to the course and apply said theories to real world business applications in the student’s current/former place of employment.
Grade Rubric Research Paper
(0 pt) Developing
(1 pt) Acceptable
(2 pts) Accomplished
(3 pts)
A comprehensive summary of the key findings from Literature review Does not provided /summarize the findings from the literature review Provides minimal explanation of key points literature review/articles.
Explains key points of literature review/articles. Provides added detail of key points of literature review/articles.
Discusses the application of findings to the business world Fails to relate findings to the world of business Provides undeveloped examples of how findings relate to business world Relates the findings, but needs more development. Relates the findings and provided examples.
Theories Discussed
Offers no known theory/theories in the field
Provides limited information of theory/theories in the field of the study Provides some information on the theory/theories and the relation to the study Develops creative ideas and apply theory/theories to the research and paper
WRITES EFFECTIVELY AND FOLLOWS INSTRUCTIONS (Cover page, TOC, Introduction, Conclusion and references). Did not follow instructions or guidelines
Some Minor errors in formatting and presentation Writes with clarity and follow some guidelines with few errors. Follows formatting guidelines and presented a well-organized paper
USES APA 6th ed. APPROPRIATELY Fails to use APA. Uses APA with frequent errors. Uses APA with a few errors. Uses APA appropriately.

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