1 The Ministerial Brief Written Report – Telstra

| August 24, 2015

1 The Ministerial Brief Written Report – Telstra

Assignment requirement 9509
The Ministerial Brief Written Report (20%)– Telstra
It will prepare a ‘Ministerial Brief’. This will take the form of a 1500-word written report to the relevant Minister. It will be assigned a case (Telstra). You are required to provide advice to the Minister on the most appropriate future arrangements for a government business enterprise. That is, you will produce a brief for the Minister on whether the status quo should remain; whether the business should be fully privatised; or whether other arrangements are appropriate (e.g. public-private-partnership, corporatisation, outsourcing, contracting etc).
Your advice must be informed by the academic literature, evidence and relevant theories. You will need source relevant material and to reference using conventions for academic work.
The final outcome of this assessment task is a 1500-word report that should include specific sections, such as:
• Executive summary?
• Introduction to the specific case?
• Key issues?
• Potential costs and benefits of alternatives
• Rationale for decision?
• Recommendation to the Minister
you should follow this structure and only write the case Telstra

•    Hughes, Public Management and Administration, 4th ed. 2012 (or earlier)
–    Chapters 3 & 4 background, 1 & 2 Seminar 1
•    Alford and O’Flynn, Rethinking Service Delivery, 2012: selected chapters

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