1 for question 1 out of 7. Business Analysis Case Study Starbucks

| November 30, 2015

Follow the structure given in the documents. There is one document is the basis of where you write the assignment, I have already written some if you look at appendix 1 for question 1 out of 7. Please also read the case study and its instructions on how to write it.
Moreover there is an excel sheet for Starbucks coffee case study where the calculations and testings will be made by you and copied into the document.
Another document of how to do the different tests on excel is provided but you have to know what tests to use for what questions.
the appendices of the calculations from excel will provide as a base for the research design, analysis and recommendations.
Do you fully understand the assignment and all the documents given?One of the documents is where you will write the assignment in as it has the structure headings and oe of the questions answered in appendix 1

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Planned Unit Development: Georgetown Day School
1,000 words.take two and compare and contrast these two different types of business structure for suitability


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