1. 80% of those who take a certification exam pass it.

| November 19, 2015

80% of those who take a certification exam pass it. Assume binomial distribution applies. 15 people have registered to take the exam in June. What is the probability that exactly 12 of them will pass the test?

Either 0, 0.0352, 0.2501, or 0.3512

  1. On average, 3 people register every day for a certification exam. Assume Poisson distribution applies. The registration period closes in 5 days from today. At least 25 more people must register in the remaining days; otherwise, the exam will be cancelled and refund issued to those already enrolled. Find the probability that a total of 25 or more people will register in the next 5-day period.

    Either 0.0194, 0.006, 0.005, or 0.011

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