Basilica of santa maria novella

| May 19, 2015

Essay question : how did alberti developed new facade for santa maria in Florence?
-Essay question : how did alberti developed new facade for santa maria in Florence?
-start the essay with this sentence: This essay will examine Alberti use of mathematical proportion to create a synthesis on re-design Basilica of santa maria novella, church in florence, italy. Originally as a church it was built and designed by about((1246-1360) under the supervision of Friar lacopo Talenti and completed by Romanesque.

-then start to talk about the archetict Alberti (biography)

-and who are the other architects that worked with him??

-and mention the time and space that he re-designed the villa in

-why he choose this mathematical design and change the style ? >because he went back to ancient roman he didn’t want to go to gothic style…………

– include exterior pictures of the building and talk about how the mathematical proportion worked (pictures and each picture under it an explanation)

-what is the influence ?

-what do people say about this building ?

-why this church is important?

-what was the design principles?

-how he used marble in the exterior design?

-include pictures from the interior and talk about it

-include floor plan of the space.

*i mentioned the questions above^to help in writing the essay but you don’t have to follow the same order in writing the essay.. Please order the paragraphs according to the ideas.
*the essay must be from 6-7 pages
*include floor plans, interior and exterior pictures with explanations
*include references
*no matching from internet and other source


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