Аustrаliа’s hеаlth infоrmаtiоn systеm

| January 19, 2015

his is very iportant assignment and it is due tomoorrow please do your best and make sure I can get high grads. I have attched all refrences recomended by the unit coordenatior you need to use them. Also I have attched file caled (Аustrаliа’s hеаlth infоrmаtiоn systеm) which has some heading and subheading to help you. Thanks Some more Refrences Abdelhak, M. 2012, 4th edn, Health information: management of a strategic resource, Saunders/Elsevier, St. Louis, Mo. Australian Bureau of Statistics (2013), Annual report 2012/13 accessed Duckett, S. J., & Willcox, S. (2011). The australian health care system. South Melbourne, Vic: Oxford University Press. Harris, M. G. and R. D. Harris (1998). “The Australian health system: continuity and change.” Journal of health and human services administration 20(4): 442-467. Harris, M. G. 2006. Managing health services: concepts and practice, Marrickville, N.S.W, Elsevier-Mosby.

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