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Please make sure SMART goals are short-term (6 months would probably be best) and not long-term (1 year). I would highly encourage you to review SMART goals through various scholarly resources you can find with an online search on Google or on Google Scholar (specifically the measurable aspect). I would look at various examples and compare them with your own. You need to be much more specific with your goals (strategic thinking is much too broad and needs to be broken down). Please make the revisions suggested above .

Part A
SMART goal refers to the goals that are specific, measurable, achievable, realistic or relevant, and time-bound. Two SMART goals that are likely to improve the leadership position are the improving strategic thinking and listening skills within 12 months. The skills are specific since they include thinking development as well as improving the strategic decision.
The strategic thinking goal is specific as its aims are to improve operational thinking of the leaders. Besides, the goal is measurable and is determined by the ability of the leader to resolve critical problems that are strategic in nature (Day 520). The goal is attainable as the leaders improve their skills by undertaking a course. Additionally, the goal is realistic since the leaders develop the skill in making strategic decisions. Finally, the objective is time bound as it will be attainable within a period of twelve months.
Improving the listening skill goal is specific as it aims a developing the ability of the leader to understand the body language without the creation of distractions (Hang 10). Besides, the
goal is measurable as it is determined by the ability of the leader to attain listening effectively. The goal is attainable since it improves the personal ability to undertake a communication course.
Additionally, the objective is realistic as it improves the skill of the leader to develop the decision-making and resolve of the customers’ complaints. Besides, the goal is time bound as it is
attainable within twelve months.

Part B
Action to be taken to attain the goal of strategic thinking will be advocating the leader to undertake a course on critical thinking to learn the procedure of making strategic decisions. Listening skills
will be attained by undertaking a communication course to improve the skills. Besides, the abilities can be developed through seminar and workshop for strategic thinking and listening skills.

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